What is the use of UAV gathered information, if people executing the mission do not get it timely and cannot make decisions based on the actual situation?

Threod’s mission is to support “boots on the ground” and make decision making process more efficient.

Our new Remote Video Terminal (RVT) solution in the unmanned aerial system brings situational awareness and real-time-geo-referenced video to any level HQ in command and control structure (C2) 

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Members of Threod Systems represented as Soldiers of Peace International Association (SPIA) Adviser for UAV issues take part in the HUMANITARIAN UAV CODE OF CONDUCT & GUIDELINES DISCUSSION.
Organized by PHAP (Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection) in collaboration with UAViators, UNOCHA and the World Humanitarian Summit.

In July 2015 Prime Minister of Estonia TaaviRõivas visited Threod Systems and got acquainted with our unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It was acknowledged that Threod Systems is a good example of an Estonian business entity that includes a combination of IT and mechatronic expertise on a very high level, as well as the capability to produce specific innovative technologies in a manufacturing niche.

Watch Threod Systems KX-4 Tactical Multirotor UAS video that operates in any weather conditions has 40 min. endurance and 1.5 kg. payload.

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KX-4 with E/O 36x zoom and I/R cameras, is a highly configurable and easy to assemble platform.


  • Geo-locating
  • Geo-positioning
  • Video tracking

On April 24-26 the Estonian Defence League organised HUNT military exercises, which Threod Systems participated in. To perform IMINT tasks the military units had 2 different class UAVs at their disposal: a small hand launched EOS mini-UAV and a tactical STREAM UAS.