KX-4 LE (Long Endurance) is a heavy-lift multirotor with multiple payload options. It is a perfect tool for surveillance, rescue and law enforcement missions.



Purpose: Enhanced Situational Awareness for Police, Guard & Rescue Services, First Responders.



-              6.1 kg lift capability

-              Long endurance

-              Fully autonomous or first-person view flight modes

-              Multiple plug & play payload options

-              Emergency parachute

-              Detachable booms and landing gear for easy packing



AES-256 encrypted telemetry and imagery


Command and Control

Handheld or Fixed Ground Control Station



  • Remote Video Terminal
  • STANAG 4609 compliant KLV metadata

Technical details 



78x78 cm (138x138 cm with propellers) 

Height 50 cm

Weight MTOW 16,7 kg (payload capacity 6,1 kg)
Flight time

70 min without payload

55 min 1 kg payload

45 minutes 2,5 kg payload 

Airspeed 8 m/s to 14 m/s

Optimal: 100 - 200 m AGL

Maximum: 500 m AGL


Triple EO/IR/IR gimbal

  • EO sensor: 30x optical zoom, 720p HD
  • IR sensor 1: TAU2 640x480, 25 mm lens
  • IR sensor 2: TAU2 640x480, 60 mm lens 

Optional:  Laser rangefinder, IR illuminator, Laser target designator


  • Gyro stabilized imagery
  • Geo-referenced images
  • Target tracking, Geo-locking
  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking

Data link range

(Line of Sight)

Single digital data link integrated to Handheld Ground Control Station (HHGCS)

4-5 km LOS HHGCS

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 

Encryption: AES - 256


Threod Systems autopilot

  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Automatic navigation between user-defined waypoints
  • Real-time modification of waypoints
  • Loiter modes
  • Scan patterns
  • Emergency contingency routes and landing areas
  • Warning displays
  • GPS, INS, GLONASS navigation