KX-4 is a highly configurable and easy to assemble multirotor platform for survaillance, military and law enforcement missions. 



KX-4 is a backpack-transportable and easy-to-assemble platform that provides georeferenced video and imagery. The man-portable solution makes it a perfect tool for small teams operating in remote areas without external support.


Users: Police SWAT, Border Patrols, Guard Units, Search & Rescue and First Responder Teams.



- Lightweight, modular design
- Backpack-transportable
- Rapid deployment
- Fully autonomous or fly-by-camera flight modes
- Powerful and fully stabilized dual EO/IR gimbal
- HD video feed and on-board recording



AES-256 encrypted telemetry, imagery and voice


Command and Control

Handheld or Mobile Ground Control Station



- Remote Video Terminal

- STANAG 4609 compliant KLV metadata



Technical details

Dimensions 85x85 cm
Weight MTOW 6,9 kg, payload capacity 1,5kg
Endurance 30-40 min
Optimal airspeed 6-12 m/s
Operationa ceiling  100- 200 m AGL
Flight readiness  Less than 10 min

Standard payload

Dual EO/IR gimbal

  • EO sensor: 30x optical zoom, 720p HD
  • IR sensor: TAU2 640x480, 35 mm or 60 mm lens

Optional: Laser rangefinder, IR illuminator, Laser designator


  • 360 Degrees continuous pan, +10 … -100 depression angle
  • Gyro stabilized imagery
  • Geo-referenced images
  • Target tracking, Geo-locking
  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking

4-5 km with Handheld Ground Control Station


Threod Systems autopilot

Automatic takeoff and landing, automatic navigation between predefined waypoints, real-time modification of waypoints, loiter modes, scan patterns, emergency contingency routes and landing areas.