EOS mini-UAS

Mini-UAV that brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. 

EOS is a hand-launched and parachute-recovered electric mini UAV designed to deliver stable and clear imagery. EOS brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. Proudly tested and used in NATO ISAF and KFOR operations.


Purpose: Platoon Area of Operations, Force Protection, Point Security, First Responder Support, Border Security and National Border Management


  • Over 2 hours flight time guaranteed
  • Extremely low noise – silent at 150m
  • Outstanding aerodynamics
  • Powerful and fully stabilized dual EO/IR gimbal
  • Plug & play aerial mapping payload
  • HD video feed and on-board recording




MILITARY: Battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance functions, fire support and battlefield damage assessment.

GOVERNMENT: Security services, search and rescue, border guard patrol, firefighting, police, riot control and mapping.

COMMERCIAL: Security companies, property surveying, power line survey, forestry, mapping, precision agriculture and environmental research.


Technical Details EOS UAS Set



Electrical BLDC motor

3,5 m wingspan

1,6 m long


6,9 kg

Up to 1,5 kg payload

Flight time Over 2 h
Airspeed 50-100 km/h. Wind penetration 14m/s at 25m/s speed

Standard payload

 Gyro-stabilized two-axis camera gimbal:
  • EO camera: 30x optical zoom, 720p HD
  • IR camera: 640x480, FLIR TAU2 60mm or 35mm lens
  • Geo-location, geo-tracking, video tracking
  • HD video stream to Ground Control Station
  • HD onboard recording 
Optional payload: Single axis photo camera gimbal for aerial mapping (less than 2cm/PX)

Data link and range 

(Line of Sight)

Single digital data link integrated to HGCS

Up to 17 km LOS (extended range antenna)

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 

Encryption: AES-256


Threod Systems Autopilot TSAP6000

  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Automatic navigation between user-defined waypoints
  • Real-time modification of waypoints
  • Loiter modes
  • Scan patterns
  • Emergency contingency routes and landing areas
  • Warning displays
  • GPS, INS, GLONASS navigation
Ground Control Station

Handheld GCS for UAV control

Touch screen and joystick controls

Live picture stream


Remote Video Terminal

Real time video and telemetry streaming

Used in field, vehicle, command post

Standalone unit with router or with a computer