Reliable long endurance multifunctional platform meant for operational and tactical information collection with up to 24 hours continuous flight time and 25 kg payload capacity.


THEIA is a long-endurance UAV with heavy payload capacity for operational level information collection. It is an excellent platform for persistent surveillance, enhanced situational awareness and operations BVLOS. It is a perfect tool for IMINT, SIGINT and LIDAR missions.


Purpose: Division Area of Interests, Component Command Area of Operations, National Border Management.



- 24h hours flight time
- 25kg payload capacity
- LOS and SATCOM communication
- Flexible sensor integration
- Low acoustic footprint
- Effective counter UAV measures


Technical details 


4-stroke 110cc fuel injected gasoline engine, 12V/24V 650W generator
Dimensions 4,2 m wingspan, length 3,2 m 
Weight 50 kg dry weight, 25 kg payload (up to 25 kg fuel)
Flight time up to 24h depending on payload configuration


90-150 km/h
Operational ceiling 5000m
Flight readiness  50-60 minutes

Standard payload

(custom solutions on demand)

Dual-axis stabilized camera gimbal:

  • EO sensor: Separate wide-angle cameras
  • IR sensor 1: SWIR camera
  • IR sensor 2: MWIR camera
  • Optional: Laser rangefinder, IR pointer, Laser designator


  • Gyro stabilized imagery
  • Geo-referenced images
  • Target tracking, Geo-locking
  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking


(Line of Sight)

Dual frequency (telemetry and video)

Automatic tracking

Digital data link 100 - 120 km LOS

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) for increased jamming resistance

Encryption: AES-256



Triple redundancy autopilot each with separate AHRS and barometric sensor, dual airspeed sensors, dual GPS sensors. Extendable dual CANaerospace bus, supports multiple data links.

  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Automatic navigation between user-defined waypoints
  • Real-time modification of waypoints
  • Loiter modes
  • Scan patterns
  • Emergency contingency routes and landing areas
  • Warning displays
  • Special Counter UAV resistance measures
  • GPS; GLONASS; INS navigation

DGPS and RTK GPS for enhanced position accuracy.

Onboard high performance MEMS IMU for orientation.